Why We are unique

Enjoy the holistic scents of Eminence Organic Skin Care in all of our spa services. Each product has been hand picked by one of our Certified Estheticians to create a custom service to suit your needs. Grown in organic farms and hand processed and packaged, Eminence Organic Skin Care, along with our exclusive services are guaranteed to take you away on a luxurious mini spa vacation. 


Bounce Back Facial

Take Control of your skin with our 30 min facials. Designed to be basic and more frequent to get on top of your concerns


Seasonal Spruce Up

With each season comes change and detox. Embrace the change and have your skin glowing with this 45 min facial


Market Fresh

Like a afternoon stroll through the market, this 60 min facial takes your sense and skin to a fresh level


The Facial Addict

Custom products, everytime! Enjoy 75 min of relaxation and reset with Hungarian Massage Techniques and blissful products


The Overhaul

The Ultimate in spa services. This 2 hour facial includes back treatment, leg and arm massage and extended lip and eye treatment


Teenage Tune Up

Perfect for the skin care beginner, this 30 min facial treats your concerns with out the fuss


The Man Made Facial

Men need facials too, so we have designed this 45 min facial just for that. Simple, clean, and to the point!


Holistic Facials

The Holistic Facial

This 90 min facial is as simple as it's name. Combining the Kansa wand, Jade Stone Gua Sha, and Facial cupping, clients will feel lifted, softened skin. Like a face lift without surgery, the face is left looking youthful, detoxed, and less puffy


Facial Enhancements

Kansa Wand 

This bronze plated wand will help with natural detoxification, revitalize complexion, align energies, decrease inflammation in the skin, as well as eliminate lymph stagnation


Jade Stone Gua Sha

The Jade Stone is used to decrease tension in the facial muscles, boost blood circulation, encourage lymph drainage, and can be used to sculpt the jawline


Facial Cupping

Facial cups are used to help promote cell repair, help with aging, decrease fluid retention as well as decreases fine lines and wrinkles


Body treatments

Lighten UP! 

Enjoy the warmth of the infrared sauna, followed by our Stone Crop Body Scrub. Polish your skin with hydrating benefits of sugar and invigorating benefits of salt. Packed with comforting stone crop and antioxidant rich lemon peel, your skin will be left feeling 10 years younger. Scrub is followed with an application of Stone Crop Body Lotion


Botanical Recharge

Immerse yourself in this botanical inspired full body wrap. With ingredients like stone crop, horsetail, caffeine and aloe, your body will be restored to a more youthful glow. The look of cellulite, puffiness and redness will be reduced, and your skin will feel hydrated and healed. Begin the treatment with the infrared sauna and finished with an application of Stone Crop Lotion


Seriously Stone Crop

With a combination of Stone Crop Scrub and Stone Crop Body Wrap, this treatment is SERIOUSLY restorative, hydrating and healing! Warm up in our infrared sauna to commence your treatment, and let us do the rest!


Hands and Feet

We are proud to offer only BioSculpture Gel in all of our services. Chosen for it's safety rating, BioSculpture contains no harsh chemicals, is vegan friendly and does not test on animals and that's important to us!

Refresh Foot Facial

Includes soak, scrub, heel and nail work, massage and colour. Complimentary soak off and conditioning treatment included


Biosculpture foot application

A lighter verison of our foot facial. Simple and beautiful


Refresh Hand Facial

Includes soak, scrub, cuticle and nail work, massage and colour. Complimentary soak off and conditioning treatment included


Biosculpture Hand Application

For when you want a little pick me up!