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Children (under12) $65

Youth (12-18 yrs) $75

Animals $65

Bodywork Therapies with Janna

Janna offers a unique and effective approach to helping you with your health and wellbeing concerns. Utilizing a basis of BodyTalk techniques, and incorporating other modalities she’s trained in, Janna’s sessions provide a truly holistic approach to helping you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Mind-Body Medicine

All of the modalities Janna uses fall under the category of “Mind-body medicine”. Mind-body medicine focuses on re-coordinating the mind and the body to function together the way they are designed to. It is a way of looking at and treating the whole person, on all levels, which allows for deep and lasting healing to occur.   

Mind-body medicine looks at not just the whole body, but the whole picture and the whole person, when it comes to addressing the symptoms we are struggling with in our lives. It is all too common for someone to have some sort of physical ailment; Janna’s Bodywork sessions address so much more than that by helping with the mental and emotional ailments as well. Usually the physical symptom is the last thing to show up when it comes to issues within the body. Often, the physical symptoms are late signs of something deeper going on. The Bodywork sessions focus on getting to the root cause of symptoms. Everything that is going on in our lives, and that has happened in our lives, influences our overall health. From the day-to-day stress we are faced with, to the emotional ups and downs we’ve experienced in our past, it all affects our overall health and wellbeing. With Janna’s sessions, we utilize techniques that take the whole picture into consideration for a truly holistic approach to healing.

How does this work?

The body is able to heal itself. We all know that, but so often take it for granted. If we get a cut on our finger, we have a natural healing response that initiates, and our body heals itself. Even when we have some sort of necessary medical intervention such a stitches; the stitches hold the tissues together while the body heals itself. We don’t even think about it. We are seemingly unaware of just how powerful this mechanism of healing is. Our body is designed and built to heal itself on incredible levels. It is more than capable of healing much more than just physically as well. So what happens when things don’t heal, or when things start to break down and we are faced with some sort of dis-ease? The experiences we have in our lives that we don’t process fully, and in particular the stresses we face, compromise that natural healing response. Essential lines of communication within the body “break down” and the body struggles to heal. This can be a process that slowly occurs over the course of time, or it can seemingly happen suddenly. Our body gives us “signals” that something is needing attention and/or needing to be addressed. However, we often aren’t aware enough to pay attention to these signals until they become so disruptive that we can’t help but listen. The Bodywork sessions help to give the body a clearer voice, in a sense, highlights what needs attention, and helps the body to heal. It is amazing to see what can come up in a session that may seem completely unrelated to the symptom, but is an underlying cause contributing to the issue.  

Stress is something we are all familiar with. What many don’t realize is that stress comes in so many different forms. We are continually faced with some form of stress. When we struggle to effectively manage the stress in our lives, essential lines of communication breakdown; the Bodywork sessions not only help to address the physiological effects of stress, also help us to deal with the stress we’re faced with every day.  

With BodyTalk being the basis of each session, Janna uses a type of neuromuscular biofeedback (similar to applied kinesiology) to establish yes/no feedback from your body. Your body has an inherent natural wisdom of what is going on, and using the biofeedback Janna is able to determine what needs to be addressed and what lines of communication have broken down within the body.  

Once this is all established, Janna uses a series of tapping, fascial release, structural joint balancing, and energetic techniques that stimulate the body’s natural healing response to correct the imbalances and compromised lines of communication.

Why would this type of therapy be beneficial for me?

Each Bodywork session with Janna is completely unique to each individual, so each client is getting a very specialized session “tailored” just for them. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach to any symptom or complaint. Everyone has their own unique life story, their own unique way of seeing the world, and their own unique physical make-up. It only makes sense to approach each individual person from that perspective.  

As mentioned before, the Bodywork session looks at the whole person and the whole story. One of the number one things clients report back after a session is that they just feel better. They can’t always explain specifically how, but they just feel really good. This is because these sessions are helping your body heal on many different levels and are helping your body to correct things in a specific order, for the most optimal healing to happen, and to restore a natural state of being.

It’s Not Only About the Feelings!

If you have some sort of physical pain/discomfort/malfunction, Janna can help with this! Janna has training in fascial release, structural joint balancing, and movement education. We can tailor your session to focus on specifically addressing physical imbalances.

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Bodywork sessions with Janna are relaxing and therapeutic. It’s a newer approach to healing; much different than what we’re used to in our part of the world, but it is proving to be highly effective. 

One-on-One Franklin Method Sessions

Franklin Method Treatment $75

Within a Franklin Method Session, Janna can work with a specific area of concern to help you to identify more efficient movement and alignment patterns for the area, and give you tools to work through any restrictions and misalignments you may be experiencing. Adding in her training with fascial release and structural joint balancing, Janna can provide an effective form of treatment to help address different types of pain, restriction, imbalance in movement, and even enhance and improve coordination.

These sessions can also help with injury rehabilitation directly following the injury, or even after time has passed.

Franklin Method is learning how our body is designed for movement, which enables us to move more freely, help alleviate areas of pain and tension, and feel better in our body and mind. Within a Franklin Method session or class, we focus on specific areas of the body, learn functional anatomy of that area, learn how the area is designed for movement, and then apply that knowledge within movement. This helps to address incorrect movement and postural patterns, which can be the cause for pain, tension, and discomfort within the body.

“Embodying function improves function.” – Eric Franklin

The body’s foundational design is for efficiency in both movement and alignment. When this design is compromised in some way, whether that be through inefficient movement patterns or as a result from injury; pain, tension, and discomfort is usually the result.

The sessions range from 45min-1 hour. You will also be given easy to do techniques/exercises to do at home and help you retrain habitual patterns that may be attributing to the pain.

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